Bill Buttner – January 15, 2011

Bill Buttner  –  Unitarian Fellowship Hall, Poughkeepsie  –  January 15, 2011

Time for me to get playing out more, so we start small, at the Hudson Valley Folk Guild.  The Poughkeepsie branch meets at Unitarian Fellowship Hall; feature for the evening was Bill Buttner.  I sketched a few others players, but don’t feel comfortable posting them without a clearer sense of complicity.  Instead, I dredge up an oldie, Rich Newman, who will actually be featured in coming months.  Of course, his current resemblance to the sketch will be hard to predict; he certainly didn’t look that much like it the last time I saw him.  So what.  Not only is it unsigned, but undated.  Perhaps I will seek him out and get him to sign the original, remedy the documentation situation.  Yeah, that’s good, invent more work for myself!

Bill Buttner

Rich Newman

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