Jethro Banks & the Experience – November 4, 2017

Jethro Banks & the Experience  –  Towne Crier Cafe  –  November 4, 2017

I feel certain (as do many others) that we’ll be hearing from the 18-year-old high school senior Banks in the coming years.  This drummer’s already got a great well-earned local reputation and serious cred, judging from the associates he calls on for this gig.  He’s been groomed by his father (who plays keys in the combo), has an engaging, comfortable stage presence, all the boxes are checked!  My buddy Greene guested on a few vocals.  Sometimes I try to make my post-production process easier by going with just black ink; then I shoot myself in the foot when the subject is too large to fit on the page (I was pretty close up, which didn’t help, not that I’d have it any other way), so it spans two pages that I now have to stitch together, and then I have to decide with how to deal with the crease.  The executive decision is to erase it all away, so deal with the “gap” in some of the line continuity.

Jethro Banks

Adam Falcon

Arnrai Banks

Kendall Buchanan

Goldee Greene

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