Holiday Harps – 2 December 2023

Holiday Harps – Broadview Branch, Seattle Public Library  –  2 December 2023

Harpist Susi Hussong is a teacher, and this was a student recital.  So there was some range of skill among the players in rendering the holiday-themed program, which alternated between solo and ensemble (of various size) performances.  Even those towards the beginner end of the scale projected delight!  There were about 10 harps in the crowded room, and even more performers, so there was some seat-and-instrument switching, a kind of “musical harps” shuffle (groan, yes I did go there), with occasional accompaniment by bells, violin, guitar.   Hussong herself did not perform; seated next to me, she gently silently exhorted, and conducted for the ensemble selections.  Everyone had their chance to shine, though I could manage only four portraits.

Molly Keller

Aeron Langford









Molly Gough

Poppy Neukom

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