Frank Tate and Friends – 12 May 2024

Frank Tate and Friends – Croton Free Library  –  12 May 2024

This concert was the fourth and final show of the Riverview Jazz Series, offered in tribute to the late Manny Albam, a local renowned trombonist, arranger, and director of the BMI Composer’s Workshop.  The series was produced by an old friend, Ken Sargeant, with whom I got reunited after at least 50 years, via a convoluted process in which this very blog played a key role.  Back in the day, Tate put in some time as Bobby Short’s bass player during his run at the Cafe Carlyle.  Ash ( showed his versatility with a solo out-of-genre Chopin nocturne.

Tom Melito

Frank Tate






Steve Ash

Andy Farber

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One Response to Frank Tate and Friends – 12 May 2024

  1. Ken Sargeant says:

    Hey Parker,
    Thanks for these cool sketches
    What a pleasant surprise it was to see you in Croton, and to learn of your connection to Matt&Goldie. Glad you enjoyed the show.
    Let’s stay in touch,
    914 373-9386

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