Concert Truck – June 23, 2024

Concert Truck  –  Seward Park  –  June 23, 2024

Our first visit to Seward Park, and a bald eagle flew overhead.  The theme for this concert was Song; from experience we approach with caution, trepidation about it not being so much for “our taste”.  But not to worry, some selections were instrumental arrangements that did not involve actual singing.   For those that did, vocalist Pohl presented introductory interpretive remarks for each selection that greatly enhanced our appreciation and fullest enjoyment.  She is very much in demand in PNW opera circles and beyond; her roles have included Stella in André Previn’s adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire, which I didn’t even know existed!  Presumably it is not the same as the musical treatment of the same play given in a Simpsons episode, with Marge as Stella!

Allison Pohl

Nathan Chan



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