Busking Rome – April 2017

Busking Rome  -  April 2017

Part of the reason for the delay in new material on this site is due to the twin blessings of intense genealogical research in advance of (as well as subsequent to) a trip to the ancestral Sicilian homeland.  But first there was an obligatory three days in Rome, seemingly an eternal busker’s paradise. (Vatican also seems to be a beggar’s paradise, but that’s another story).  The winding vicolos connecting this and that plaza, the ubiquitous al fresco dining, are conducive to wandering musicians, with a heavy emphasis on accordion and “Funiculi Funicula”.  At least the jazz trio was rooted in one place long enough to allow me to settle into a groove; I was the wanderer for that one.  I don’t know if the Sneaker Painter is technically a busker, but he had to get put somewhere.  Verrocchi is apparently a screen actor in Italy; here he seems to be doing some stuff on the side (the image being added to the sneakers is of Frida Kahlo), at a place called “Acid Drop”; hmmmm…

Perseo Puligi

Roberto Verrocchi

Antonio Constatin


Jazz Trio - Piazza Sant'Egidio

Steve Mariani

Mauro Verrone

Alessandro Picucci

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