Ignacio Berroa Quartet – January 30, 2011

Ignacio Berroa Quartet  -  Cole Auditorium, Greenwich  -  January 30, 2011

Two gigs in one month is awesome, so hats off to Greenwich Library.  Berroa is from Cuba, has stateside lineage including Dizzy’s band.  I did my best with his head partly obscured by the crash cymbal.  And not the only problem!  Pianist Ridl bobbed and weaved enough so that there were 4 false starts on him, I eventually just gave up getting the instrument into his sketch.  Later, an embarrassing paper “malfunction” ( a tear) with bassist Moring’s sketch page, mostly patched up in the post-scan photoshop cleanup.  Furthermore, there was some confusion about the correct spelling of his name!  When it rains it pours.  Being in Greenwich on the weekend was also a good opportunity for me & Toots to go use the various gift coupons she had received, for a dinner on the Avenue (Pasta Vera) and also some baked goods (Crumb’s – outrageously rich stuff).  Satiation!

Ignacio Berroa

Ben Wendel

Jim Ridl

Bill Moring

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