Patricia Barber – March 24, 2019

Patricia Barber  –  Greenwich Library, Cole Auditorium  –  March 24, 2019

Barber is a sophisticated pianist, composer, & lyricist.  Probably has more gigs in intimate cabaret-ish settings, but nothing was lost here, given that she knows how to put over a song, and the excellent rapport with sympatico Deitemeyer and Mulcahy.

Patricia Barber
Patrick Mulcahy
Jon Dietemyer

Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks – January 13, 2019

Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks – Greenwich Library Cole Auditorium – January 13, 2019

Separating the music from the history is impossible with Giordano’s ensemble (11 pieces!). He’s got the patter down just right, a bit corny, a bit self-deprecating, chock full of historical tidbits that seem to be overflowing from his walking-encyclopedia brain.  The group specializes in music from the 1920’s-1930’s, giving it potential for maudlin, but no, this is lively and vital.  It’s supported by the choice repertoire selection, with works by (I’m not distinguishing here between “composed by” versus “made famous by” – Giordano could reel ’em off just like that) Ellington, Biederbecke, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Lunceford (the lively closer, “Rhythm is Our Business” [business sure is swell!]), sufficiently hip for me.  Fiddler Stein has been around, was part of the Prairie Home Companion house band, among others.

Vince Giordano
Andy Stein
Peter Yarin
Arnt Arntzen

Peter Serkin – November 25, 2018

Peter Serkin  –  Cole Auditorium, Greenwich Library  –  November 25, 2018

Although Serkin plays from a wide-ranging repertoire, here he focused in on the classical-est of the classical, Mozart and Bach.  That these lengthy pieces can be memorized is astounding to me.  But once certain parts of the brain master that scaffolding, and the muscle memory is in place, then it’s time to become immersed, for a transparency serving the other brain parts that are the source of transcendant wonder!  To meld with the Goldberg Variations.

Peter Serkin

Celebrate Mexico Now! – October 18, 2018

Celebrate Mexico Now!  – Rubenstein Atrium  –   October 18, 2018

Despite not understanding Spanish, I can appreciate the pipes and axes of these two, the passion overwhelming the language barrier.  Goust and Gameros are prime examples of the cultural richness surrounding our border with Mexico, and of the need to redirect the immigration discussion.

Renée Goust
Diana Gameros

Busking New York City – October 12, 2018

Busking New York City  –  October 12, 2018

Special treat of the day: as I was sketching Ajamu, another sketcher was sketching ME at work.  And not too shabby a job, Martin Williams!  I’m always looking for instruments I haven’t sketched yet, so next treat, there in the subway, The Saw Lady.  It don’t sound like anything else, except maybe proto-theremin.

Adjua Ajamu
The Saw Lady - Natalia Paruz
"Parker Gambino" by Martin Milliams

Busking New York City – October 4, 2018

Busking New York City  –  October 4, 2018

Here I witnessed (in Washington Square Park) one of the most astounding musical performances in quite some time.  Talk about a different drummer!  Percussionist Reggie Pison plays on a collection of buckets, pots and pans, and various metal forms and pieces that clearly have a “real” function in construction & fabrication, perhaps.  These he bangs with some crude wooden sticks.  The lively and insistent rhythm emerges unfiltered from his soul, as does the rap, more jagged than smoothly flowing, an ongoing conversational monologue indicative of uniquely connected dots upstairs in the cranium.  I found it infectious, couldn’t tell if he was addressing me while I sketched, talking to himself about me, or mostly oblivious. He definitely was master of his instrument; by turning a metal form upside down he was able to access a whole new set of sounds, and he had an assortment of them that he rotated into and out of the active configuration.  His performance involved a constantly shifting array of sonic offerings, as he flipped this or that piece according to his real-time vision. I was intimidated about asking for the autograph, as it seemed like there would be no break in his stream of consciousness presentation, and there wasn’t!  I had to maneuver the book in front of him, he took the pen with one hand while he kept the rhythm going with the other without a break.  There was no sense engaging him in small talk, or informing him that his last name is the name of a wasp genus.    Weil kept her classical and contemporary offerings brief and to the point, which made them eminently digestible.  Cohen & Garvey perform under the moniker “Goin’ Local Duo”.

Reggie Pison
Laura Weil
Martin Cohen & Ann Garvey

Youssra El Hawary – October 4, 2018

Youssra El Hawary   –  Rubenstein Atrium  –  October 4, 2018

There’s a bit of Arab Spring vibe in El Hawary, but she seems to be more documenting the social fallout of modern Egypt rather than sounding a call to arms. It’s always interesting to see how the stereotypical image of an instrument can get warped by the cultural filter of distant hands.  The handout blurb mentioned that she has modified the reed setup of some accordions, to be able to produce the quarter tones that are part of the genre, and which give music of this region (the band is from Egypt) its distinctive not-of-the-west tonal signature.

Youssra El Hawary
Tarek Abdelkawi & Yamen ElGamal
Luka Gamal
Sedky Sakhr
Shadi El Hosseini

Irish Trad – September 19, 2018

Irish Trad  –  Knox’s Tavern, Ennis  –  September 19, 2018

One of my goals while holidaying (it gets used as a verb there) in Ireland was to sit in with some trad players, and Ennis is a center keeping the Irish trad alive.  Interesting gig structure – the band plays a few numbers, takes a break to get tea or beer, discussed what to do next, resumes, rinse, repeat; so the “sets” aren’t all that long.  These fellas (not sure if they had any official group name) graciously indulged me, doing backup to some extent or other on three tunes, two of which were Irish (more pub songs than traditional), which I’d learned for exactly this occasion.

Whiskey in the Jar (Parker Gambino)

Hugh Healy
Christy Coote
Brian O'Loughlin
Joel Mesnikoff
Keith O'Loughlin
Parker at Knox's Tavern, Ennis