Roots of American Music – August 8, 2015

Roots of American Music  –  Lincoln Center Out of Doors  –  August 8, 2015

Yikes!  So much!  The afternoon piece of this series takes place on Hearst Plaza where, in contrast to the big dog Damrosch Bandshell, the chairs are more comfortable, the stage not so high, and the access to artists after the performance is feasible, welcome arrangements all.  There were three acts and I worked my butt off to get every single player, no matter how fleeting.  Quebe Sisters specialize in Texas swing fiddling (all three sisters play and sing), keeping that tradition strong and sweet.  Sam Outlaw is based in southern California, has imbibed the Bakersfield variant ethos (yeah, mixed metaphor), and plays appropriately.  The band’s full sound includes rich complementing vocal harmonies when called for.  Chambers is from Australia, but you wouldn’t know it from her sound.  This band is also somewhat of a family affair; she was schooled by her dad, who is her strong lead guitar player.  Her tales of childhood were awesome: her father was a fox hunter in the outback, so that’s where the family was raised, face-to-face with so many aspects of nature, and all sorts of lifestyle adaptations.  But the musical influences in her upbringing leaned heavily towards  American country and rock.

Grace Quebe

Hulda Quebe

Sophia Quebe

Daniel Parr

Simon Stipp


Sam Outlaw

Jeremy Long

Molly Jenson

Jason Loughlin

Daniel Rhine

Darla Hawn


Kasey Chambers

Bill Chambers

Brandon Dodd

Josh Dufficy

James Haselwood

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