Maxim Anikushin – November 18, 2010

Maxim Anikushin –  Lincoln Center  –  November 18, 2010

This concert at the Bruno Walter Auditorium (another new-to-me venue) was in celebration of the work of Samuel Barber; 2010 is the centennial of his birth, but there has been little in the way of public notice and tribute, a situation that Anikushin sought to remedy, both via the music and preparation of the much-appreciated-by-me extensive program notes.  The first half of the program was solo piano, the second had Maxim accompanying various guest artists, of which I also drew the cellist Adrian Daurov.  Adrian is somewhat young and felt timid about signing, respectful of my work in not wishing to sign in a detracting fashion, so he put it way at the edge of the pad.  I should have told him to be more bold (general career move advice) but was not thinking quickly on my feet.  So for the web portrait, I moved the signature a bit closer to the action.  The Anikushin portrait spanned two pages in the sketchbook, and they are combined here for the complete (though semi-interrupted) effect.

Maxim Anikushin

Adrian Daurov

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