Busking Seattle – 26 June 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard Farmers Market  –  26 June 2022

Deserres is in competition for youngest busker I’ve sketched (see Herbie Waters IV – September 22, 2016).  Her parents were supervising, seated in the shade, so naturally I checked with them about getting contact info, autograph, etc.  Her set list was at least partially informed by their tastes (Bowie), works for me.  Ellis’s website name has a pleasing rhyming to it (elliscellist.com), which, upon further research, I discover does not qualify as alliteration.  But what does is Landry, from Lafayette, Louisiana (his singing and repertoire testify to the origin), who was playing with already-multiply-sketched KB MuscleMouth, specializing in old-timey and Americana.

Pete Ellis

Ryan Deserres

Jacob Landry

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