Ballard SeafoodFest – 16 July 2022

Ballard SeafoodFest – 16 July 2022

This was a three-day extravaganza, no way to take in the entire thing, Saturday afternoon was plenty for me.  With only a half-hour set, some sketches for The Salmonberries seemed skeletal at best, what can one do?  Sketches of the following (and longer-setted) act, Caitlin Sherman, are being held hostage here until the names of the band members can be learned.  Sketching a caricaturist (Odom) in action is my version of meta; just my luck he was sketching somebody’s dog!  Food being an obvious feature, I just had to partake of the historic offering, a salmon dinner.  I sacrificed hot for the opportunity to enjoy it more than once, taking time to sketch it as it cooled and famishment waxed.  A bigger hunk of fish than I would have expected, and decent cole slaw (said the Bassicaceae snob), was definitely not hungry when I finished (the eating part)!  An accessory/corollary to the event was Push/Pull Art and Art Supply Store’s first-ever Ballard Zine Exchange, wherein I created my first zine.  I am eagerly awaiting its return to me (along with copies of the work of every other participating zine creator), to consider offering it here; stay tuned.

The Salmonberries

Ray Hall


Minwook Park

Tom Arbaugh









Thene Aldergreen

Elliot Fitzgerald









Markas Odom

Salmon Meal

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