Carl Christensen & the Local Flora Band – 27 January 2024

Carl Christensen & the Local Flora Band – Conor Byrne Pub, Seattle – 27 January 2024

This was billed as Carl Christensen & the Local Flora Band “Second Crossover Episode”.  The format called for a series of singer/songwriters (including Chistensen himself) to each perform a couple of numbers solo, and then a couple more backed by the full-on band.  A great strategy for maximizing attendance at the pub, as well as my opportunity to experience a broader assortment of performers in a concentrated time/space.  And talk about concentrated!  I abandoned all hope of using any medium other than the most basic, a Sharpie.  I no longer have the stamina for extended standing sessions amid a crowd, so I ducked after the first three acts.

Carl Christensen

Avi Knight

Jesse Floyd









Tom Corey

Tim Sturgill









Amy Laybourn

FM Stereochild









Taryn Hadfield

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