Stephanie Porter – 10 February 2024

Stephanie Porter – Sunset Hill Community Association  – 10 February 2024

The venue was the Sunset Hill Community Hall, where I am a regular open mic performer.  Jazz stylist Porter was the entertainment for the annual meeting.  Great pipes, localist-informed warm rapport, and the first time I’ve heard lyrics to “Desafinado”!  (Slight digression here, as I delve into the history and twists and turns of Desafinado, good luck with this website!( › desafinado-stories-of-standards ).

Stephanie Porter

Tony Foster









Steve Yusen

Geoff Cooke

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One Response to Stephanie Porter – 10 February 2024

  1. Ken Sargeant says:

    Are you the Parker Gambino of Camp Brooklyn and Bronx Science fame?

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