The Poets – 7 April 2024

The Poets – Ballard Farmers Market  – 7 April 2024

This is like a variation of the buskers, of which the Ballard Farmers Market furnishes an abundance, including Dax Millam, also in this post.  On some Sundays a group of poets haul out the chairs, desks, and typewriters and offer their services: provide background and sundry life details, perhaps a specific target person and/or event, and a poem will be conjured within minutes.  Instant indelible improvisation!  In conversation with the evasive Colello, mention was made of Bob Lind’s “Elusive Butterfly of Love” (lately returned to my set list); hence, a stylized butterfly included as a addendum flourish to her autograph.  Instant indelible improvisation.

Conrad Brudi

Fiona Colello









Lily Silver

George Brudi








Dax Millam

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