Busking Seattle – 28 August 2022

Busking Seattle –   Ballard Farmers Market  –  28 August 2022

I’m now such a frequenter of Ballard Farmers Market that I keep seeing the same regulars there, and usually pass on sketching the same subjects too many times.  Plus I’m eager to get back home and start cooking my mushrooms scored at Sno-Valley.  Thus a delight to come upon Thunder Cascadia; she seemed rooted in the Irish trad style, not that I always understand the mashups that seem to be de rigueur for the genre.  It was one of those “Darn, I wish I’d brought some colors to work with” days.

Thunder Cascadia

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Busking Seattle – 31 July 2022

Busking Seattle  –  Ballard Farmers Market   –  31 July 2022

Just one new (to me) busker today, Sunny, bustin’ it on uke, doin’ oldies – Beatles, and a Zombies tune I didn’t know.


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World-Wide Sketchcrawl #76 – 23 July 2022

World-Wide Sketchcrawl #76 – Kerry Park, Seattle  –  23 July 2022

About 40 USk sketches from Seattle gathered at Kerry Park. The day was mild, but a bit hazy, so that iconic Mount Rainier could not be seen, although the Space Needle could be. The park has its own iconic feature, the sculpture “Changing Form” by Doris Chase. Additional sketches can be viewed at #worldwidesketchcrawl and #worldwidesketchcrawl76.



By Sally Drew


By Sheilam Callahan


By Suzanne Shaw




By Tina Koyama

Parsons Garden


Queen Anne United Methodist Church


Kerry Park Panorama











Throwdown Left



Throwdown Center


Throwdown Right


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Ballard SeafoodFest – 16 July 2022

Ballard SeafoodFest – 16 July 2022

This was a three-day extravaganza, no way to take in the entire thing, Saturday afternoon was plenty for me.  With only a half-hour set, some sketches for The Salmonberries seemed skeletal at best, what can one do?  Sketches of the following (and longer-setted) act, Caitlin Sherman, are being held hostage here until the names of the band members can be learned.  Sketching a caricaturist (Odom) in action is my version of meta; just my luck he was sketching somebody’s dog!  Food being an obvious feature, I just had to partake of the historic offering, a salmon dinner.  I sacrificed hot for the opportunity to enjoy it more than once, taking time to sketch it as it cooled and famishment waxed.  A bigger hunk of fish than I would have expected, and decent cole slaw (said the Bassicaceae snob), was definitely not hungry when I finished (the eating part)!  An accessory/corollary to the event was Push/Pull Art and Art Supply Store’s first-ever Ballard Zine Exchange, wherein I created my first zine.  I am eagerly awaiting its return to me (along with copies of the work of every other participating zine creator), to consider offering it here; stay tuned.

The Salmonberries

Ray Hall


Minwook Park

Tom Arbaugh









Thene Aldergreen

Elliot Fitzgerald









Markas Odom

Salmon Meal

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Busking Seattle – 26 June 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard Farmers Market  –  26 June 2022

Deserres is in competition for youngest busker I’ve sketched (see Herbie Waters IV – September 22, 2016).  Her parents were supervising, seated in the shade, so naturally I checked with them about getting contact info, autograph, etc.  Her set list was at least partially informed by her their tastes (Bowie), works for me.  Ellis’s website name has a pleasing rhyming to it (elliscellist.com), which, upon further research, I discover does not qualify as alliteration.  But what does is Landry, from Lafayette, Louisiana (his singing and repertoire testify to the origin), who was playing with already-multiply-sketched KB MuscleMouth, specializing in old-timey and Americana.

Pete Ellis

Ryan Deserres

Jacob Landry

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Town Hall Brawl – – 17 June 2022

Town Hall Brawl  –  Crown Hill Village Summer Street Festival, Seattle  –  17 June 2022

The rain was not oppressive and there was a covered area to work from, out of the drizzle, which eventually let up.  The show must go on.  THB is a tight combo of seasoned professionals, they don’t mess around.  Actually, they included “Mess Around” (penned by Ahmet Ertegun and a 1953 hit for Ray Charles) in the set!

Now this band’s goin’ to play from 9 to 1
Everybody here’s gonna have some fun
Doin’ the mess around

Ertegun erudition!   There is some uncertainty regarding the name of the drummer: the THB website refers to Marty Vadalabene, Facebook refers to Vadavenus Martin.  How to annotate?  I pondered for a bit, the went with the as-signed version.  While stalling ’til the food truck grub was ready, why not include some other attractions?  Poet Reed (no relation to the band) composes on-the-spot verse according to info provided by her subjects, but I demurred on dishing autobiographical, I cannot diffuse my focus while sketching.  I thought she was blowing off me and my attitude when she departed from her table, so I moved on to the Popcorn Lady.  But the poet returned, and cranked out a touching work (reproduced at the bottom of this page)!  She commented that we were really doing the same thing, just different media.  Spot on, Melanie!

Town Hall Brawl

Melanie Reed

Heather Williams









Self Portrait

These lives graze mine –
I try to capture them
in my own way, a few strokes
here and there, a few hairs
out of place – expressions
stiff or open, characters
I can’t help but erase.

How to nail down a life
when words get in the way?
These sketches scratch
the surface – lines and shadings,
black and white and gray.

Where do we dwell
when life has shaped us,
cut us all away?
A cloud of darkness
blots the sun – I blot
the page and pray.

Melanie Reed



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Busking Seattle – 12 June 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard Farmers Marker  –  12 June 2022

Considering my hearing disability, I always hope that I can correctly get the performer’s name spelled correctly.  I usually show my version to them to assure that I’ve gotten it right, but the frequent casual disinterest in close inspection – which I “get” – does not inspire the greatest of confidence.  Such is the case for one of the violin duet players, it shouldn’t be hard to tell which.  Thorne’s main busking venue is up in Bellingham.  He had the rig down pretty good, and let Jacobsen use it.  I wish that Thorne had some product; his originals were excellent!

Nandiniy Velayudhan and Galen Belding


Roger Thorne

Mads Jacobsen

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Busking Seattle – 29 May 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard farmers Market   –  29 May 2022

Wakkuri had not only a CF Martin guitar, he had a CF Martin hat; I asked him where his CF Martin jacket was.  His set had overlap with stuff in my own covers list; the chestnuts  “Don’t Think Twice” and “City of New Orleans”, and the more obscure “Changes in Latitude”.  I threw him a buck for each.   Kincy & Silveira put out non-stop upbeat pop, I forgot to ask how many were covers vs. originals.

BJ Wakkuri


Jason Kincy & Kevin Silveira

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Busking Seattle – 8 May 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard Farmers Market  –  8 May 2022

A busy day!  Chatting with Dunworley after I finished his sketch, I learned that he specializes in songs about Irish/Americans participating in the US Civil War.  Talk about a  niche!  His propaganda says that he does requests; I tried to arm-twist him into “Whiskey In The Jar” with an offer to sing along.  This despite his having just done a different tune with identical chord progression.  Somehow he didn’t take the hint, nor the tip that would have followed.  Cronin is quite a character; for starters she signs her name backwards!  Some of the bass work seemed plucked from the ether, other pieces had a more classical bent, read from music on a stand.  Later in the day she had switched to guitar.  Salzano comes from a family of musicians; he pulled a Rahsaan Roland Kirk, playing quite well two reed instruments at once.  When I came upon this duo they were between numbers; Brudi announced, “We’re waiting for Johnny…”    I was tap tap tapping my foot, (with impatience, not rhythm), so I called out, “Waiting for Johnny!”  After the reward of that first double-blowing number, I gave ’em a “Worth the wait!” shout-out.  Soggy Possums had a mix of old-time and contemporary (“Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”).

Connor Dunworley

Harmony Cronin









Johnny Salzano & Conrad Brudi


Soggy Possums

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Busking Seattle – 10 April 2022

Busking Seattle –  Ballard Farmers Market  –  10 April 2022

Corky Dragland is a stalwart!!

Corky Dragland 2022

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