Songbook: Broadway’s Future – January 27, 2014

Songbook: Broadway’s Future  –  Bruno Walter Auditorium  –  January 27, 2014

This was a serendipitous session.  I was mad early for a program at Juilliard, needing to kill a major hunk of time, so I went over to the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center to check out the exhibitions.  Downstairs was an unstaged no-costume reading (a kind of intermediate phase of development) of a musical play, “Gary Goldfarb, Master Escapist”.  The major players were there, as well as the lyricist, the composer (who played piano accompaniment), and a drummer to fill out the music.  Although Broadway musicals are not my thing, this wasn’t so different in terms of sketching, so I just went at it, and was thoroughly entertained in the process.

James Olmstead

Omri Schein

Jared Loftin

Zachary Eldredge

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