Fat Joe – July 6, 2016

Fat Joe  -  Crotona Park  -  July 6, 2016

Circumstances put me out in Crotona Park waaaay early for this gig, so I had the best view in the house, up against the barrier.  DJ Tony Touch on for a bit (no, make that waaay) longer than I needed, and of course much too loud, stalling for the tardy Fat Joe.  When the big man came on he was accompanied by a cohort of other rappers, including Remy Ma, immensely popular with the crowd of homies.  There was a mad rush of mostly young chicks, some insisting on getting in front of me.  Closest I’ve been to a mosh pit, with the bigass chick in front of me twerking her butt into me big time.  Sketching became impossible, making me nearly the only person not recording the event, as everyone else’s I-phone was in the air.  Amongst all the gangsta trappings and posings, there were several inspirational songs promoting unity, hope, and such.

Fat Joe

Tony Touch

DJ for Fat Joe

Grandmaster Caz

Rapper w Fat Joe

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