Irish Trad – September 19, 2018

Irish Trad  –  Knox’s Tavern, Ennis  –  September 19, 2018

One of my goals while holidaying (it gets used as a verb there) in Ireland was to sit in with some trad players, and Ennis is a center keeping the Irish trad alive.  Interesting gig structure – the band plays a few numbers, takes a break to get tea or beer, discussed what to do next, resumes, rinse, repeat; so the “sets” aren’t all that long.  These fellas (not sure if they had any official group name) graciously indulged me, doing backup to some extent or other on three tunes, two of which were Irish (more pub songs than traditional), which I’d learned for exactly this occasion.

Whiskey in the Jar (Parker Gambino)

Hugh Healy

Christy Coote

Brian O'Loughlin

Joel Mesnikoff

Keith O'Loughlin

Parker at Knox's Tavern, Ennis

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